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www.tuneintoLuke.com is a non-profit organisation designed to dedicate time and energy to people looking for time off from everything other than

www.tuneintoLuke.com. Tune in!


People don't read all the extra stuff on a webpage like this anymore. Really. People just look at the pictures, get a feel of things, and they might go see what the first one or two pages look like. They don't go deeper into the real meaning of webpages anymore. They don't read all the text on these personal pages... Why not? Isn't that the most interesting thing?

You might say people don't have time to go read all this extra stuff. Well, I think that's not true. There must be people out there that have some time to read stuff like this. Would I go sit down and write this if I didn't have hope or think that anyone would ever read this? I don't think I would. I actually think lots of people will read this!

You might be the first though...

People will read this and then go back to their daily activities and act as if nothing has happened. But inside they have totally changed, they will never be the same. The same feeling I have right now. I can't think straight anymore. I am completely tuned in. I feel great.

I think (and you now know a bit about how I think) this is what everyone should feel. Read. Learn. Feel. Share. Believe. Prepare for change... be tuned in... and tune in again...